Adam Metals (Pvt) Ltd

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Adam Metals has been started as a sole proprietorship in 1973 and incorporated as a Private company named Adam Metals (Pvt) Ltd on 14th August 2008. The business has been flourishing in the household and industrial hardware business for over thirty years. Adam Metals manufactures high quality metal products at its own 40 perch factory situated at Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02. The company also imports a variety of consumer hardware items which are sold on retail and wholesale basis through its own 25 perch sales center located in Abdul Jabbar Mawatha, Colombo 12, and through its island wide distribution network.

The company plays a major role in supplying material to the booming construction industry of Sri Lanka. Manufacturing products such as, GI staples, nails, barbed wire and panel pins. Adam Metals operates with high tech machinery to ensure the highest production quality. Adam Metals also imports products from India and China to cater to the local market. In a developing country, it goes without saying that construction is an integral part of urbanization. Adam Metals understands the demand there is for high quality construction material and caters to that demand, offering material that ensures long lasting constructions.

Network Communications (Pvt) Ltd (NETCOM)

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Network Communications (Pvt.) Ltd was incorporated on 31st July 2002. It is a diversified organization, which has been in operation for the past 12 years. Netcom is specialized in manufacturing, importing, retailing and distributing a diverse portfolio of products such as computer accessories, computer hardware, computer software, computers, mobile phones, accessories and electronics.

The company also holds the license to operate “external gateway for international communications” and license of International Simple Voice Resale (“ISVR”).

Netcom also operates a high class and accurate repairing facility and service center, which provides fast and easy solutions to customers treating them with utmost priority and providing accurate information. Importing products such as, Veiwsonic, Hitachi, Panda, Boistar, Ultrasonic, Blackberry, Nokia and Kingston, Network Communications (Pvt) Ltd has a strong position in the technological world because of the diversity of goods and services it provides. The company also offers up to date software solutions and has a vast distributor base that covers the entire island.

With retail outlets positioned at prominent computer malls such as Liberty Plaza, Unity Plaza, and Spencer Plaza, Netcom has taken the IT world by storm with its affiliation to leading global brands, of which it has secured sole distributor rights, gaining a strong market position despite severe competition. Netcom also operates on an agreement with the Building Materials Corporation to have its products in all their outlets. This gives the organization a cutting edge over all other competitors by giving it deep reach into all regions of the country.

The customer base of Network Communications will also bear testament to the efficient after sales service provided by its sales team, which grows and operates to offer the highest standard of customer service.

Adam Capital PLC

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Adam Capital PLC is a listed entity in Colombo Stock Exchange and was incorporated on 30th November 2006. On 02nd July 2014 Adam Investments PLC has increased it’s stake in Adam Capital PLC up to 42.9% and announced a mandatory offer to acquire the balance issued voting shares of the company. Currently Adam Investments PLC holds 53.5% of the company resulting Adam Capital PLC being absorbed to the Adam Investments Group as a subsidiary. Adam Investments has obtained full board and management control of Adam Capital PLC in November 2014. Adam Capital PLC is the sole owner of Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd, one of the largest activated carbons manufacturers in Sri Lanka.

Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd

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Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd is fully owned subsidiary of Adam Capital PLC, which manufactures a diverse range of granular form Activated Carbon packaged in international quality packaging. Adam Carbons have made technological advancements in producing High Quality Coconut Shell Charcoal by using Gasifires and this process is called control gasification. BLC currently operates three Gasifires and full fill the Daily requirement of Charcoal for the process of Activation. Apart from producing Quality Charcoal, use waste gas from the gasification process to generate Steam and almost full fill the steam requirement for the Activation. This process supply economic energy to the manufacturing process, making most environmentally friendly activated carbon plant in Sri Lanka. >

Adam Capital Micro Credit (Pvt) Ltd

Adam Capital Micro Credit (Pvt) Ltd

Adam Capital Micro Credit (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Adam Capital PLC. Adam Capital Micro Credit offers Sharia compliant lending and leasing facilities to the members of the under-served communities in the urban and the semi-urban areas. Presently Adam Capital Micro Credit (Pvt)Ltd’s head office is situated in Colombo 14. After analyzing the both economic and consumer trends, the management has decided to expand their branches in several areas in Sri Lanka.

Wellwin (Pvt) Ltd

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Wellwin (Pvt) Ltd was inaugurated to transfer the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business operation. Wellwing intend to take over the business of FMCG operation and become the sole marketer & distributor for leading FMCG brands such as ARS, Parachute, Aqua Wipes, Set Wet, Mediker & Mamypoko.


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Adam Air Conditions (Pvt) Ltd was inaugurated to cater to the growing demand for air conditioning systems in the country and started it’s operations in July 2013. The year 2012 saw a significant drop in imports of all consumer electrical items, except for Mobile phones, TVs and Air Conditioners. Since Network Communications already imports Mobile phones and TVs, the decision was made to branch out with Adam Air Conditions (Pvt) Ltd which handles the importing, marketing and servicing of Air Conditioners.


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In 2011/2012, Sri Lanka saw its largest ever volume of vehicle imports. Thus, Adam Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd was conceived with the aim of providing spares and services to cater to the rapidly increasing demand for these items. Adam Automobiles (Pvt.) Ltd will commence its operations in 2014 to handle the imports of various vehicles and vehicle parts to meet customer requirements.

Adam Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Adam Investments PLC.